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The trial and conviction of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd. Plus, some interesting social media statistics - numbers on Facebook, TikTok and more. And the return of an Obscure But Cool Song.

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Author and automotive and Route 66 historian Jim Hinckley is the guest. Mr. Hinckley has written extensively on Route 66 - "America's Most Famous Highway" and his books include Ghost Towns of Route 66, Travel Route 66, The Route 66 Encyclopedia, and The Illustrated Route 66 Historical Atlas. Jim is a fountain of fascinating facts and information and we discuss how and why Route 66 is so endearing and popular, its huge international appeal, and much more. There's also Route 66 road trip ideas, and some other interesting roads, like US 6. At the top: the deaths of comedic giants Jerry Stiller and Fred Willard. 

You can find out about Jim Hinckley's work and books at

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Episode 115: Heavyweight Craziness

The recent Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder heavyweight boxing title fight was epic - and crazy, before and after the fight. Why being a news and current events junkie can be a grind. Searches for Shakira, Jennifer Lopes and Demi Lovato increased over 1,000% after their appearance at the Super Bowl at a certain NSFW website. Plus, a bag of bacon makes a great snack. And an Obscure but Cool Song.

Visit for more distractions.

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What do you do to get yourself psyched before a concert? Those familiar pre-concert rituals from the drive to the show, the music, merch and more. Heading to the east coast to see Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame members Cheap Trick for three straight shows in NY, Atlantic City and Washington D.C. and the setlists of late have been amazing. Plus, quick details about a poignant and wonderful short film, "Today You Tomorrow Me," Pluto makes an appearance, and an Obscure But Cool Song.

Check out for more missives and occasionally interesting stuff

Visit the cool website Laughing Squid for more about the movie "Today You Tomorrow Me"

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Episode 112: Getting Out of a Rut

The tragic death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, the media coverage, and TMZ breaking the story. Super Bowl LIV facts, figures and more. Plus, getting out of a rut means making an effort and some changes. Plus a Cool But Obscure Song

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Detroit Lion great, and a personal hero, Alex Karras, gets elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, its the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV. Major League Baseball and the Houston Astros sign-stealing cheating scandalPlus, should Whitney Houston be in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame? 

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Episode 85: An Uneven Playing Field

Digging into the huge college admissions fraud case: its all an uneven playing field. Seeing Cheap Trick for the fortieth-something time, and the new HBO docu-series The Case Against Adnan Syed.

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Episode 83: The “WTF” Episode

When it comes to Empire actor Jussy Smollett and billionaire New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, like a lot of news every week, sometimes the first thought is "WTF?" Plus, The Academy Awards, and what's leaving Netflix in March - The Breakfast Club and Ghostbusters, among others!

For various other distractions when the inspiration strikes and time allows to act on that inspiration, visit the blog at and

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Super-psyched to be talking about "the hottest band in the world" KISS and their End of the Road Tour with guest Tommy Sommers! Tommy is one of the co-hosts of the coolest podcast about all-things KISS, Three Sides of the Coin and an all-around blast to chat with. We talk about the tour, of course (starts this week!), fans, the staging, setlists, why we still want to see KISS, why they're still doing it, and more. 

Check out the terrific Three Sides of the Coin everywhere you get your podcasts and at 

For additional various distractions visit WeaponOfSelf-Distraction

#EndoftheRoad #KISS


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The importance of traditions and the positive distractions of good traditions during the holiday season, especially when things aren't happy and merry. And some deeper messages in holiday TV specials

Episode and other assorted musings are always at Weapon of Self-Distraction 

Cheap Trick's Christmas album, Christmas Christmas is a blast, not your typical Christmas album, and is available at

Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays to all.

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