One of the greatest hard rock albums, and the second-biggest selling album of all time, Back In Black by AC/DC, turns 40 years old this week. The album is a document to the perseverance, work ethic, and musical greatness of Angus and Malcolm Young, following the death of their inimitable lead singer Bon Scott; where the terrific Brian Johnson is a perfect fit, all combining to make incredible, and history making, music.


Plus, some recommended reading as there's no shortage of informative and cool books on AC/DC. Worth checking out: Maximum Rock n' Roll, AC/DC 1973-1980: The Bon Scott Years, and AC/DC Album by Album.

Steven Jurgensmeyer specializes in creative direction, branding and graphic design and is the founder of which is a music book recommendation site. features reviews of books on artists, bands, and more, as well as interviews with the book’s authors. Steven is also a producer and writer of the forthcoming documentary film, Sign of the Times: The Rock n’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip. Sign of the Times tells the story of the amazing billboards in L.A. during the 60’s & 70’s and the artists who created them. These billboards featured virtually every major pop and rock act including The Doors, Beatles, Kiss, Pink Floyd and dozens of others. For more on Steven and his work visit

Also, a quick review of the new Will Ferrell movie, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, which recently premiered on Netflix.

It's everyday and all the time: the twin battles against Covid-19 and racism. Some meandering mumblings on adapting to whatever the new normal is going to be. And an Obscure But Cool Song.

The new Dave Chappelle comedy special 8:46 is a searing commentary on George Floyd, police brutality and much more. 

HBO Max, HBO Go, HBO Now, or just HBO? A bit of an explainer.

The new and cool book by Billy F Gibbons, the legendary singer and guitarist for ZZ Top, Rock + Roll Gearhead

Fighting ennui and getting closer to being a full-on empty-nester

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN and its aftermath. The very good Amazon Exclusive TV series Bosch.

Author and automotive and Route 66 historian Jim Hinckley is the guest. Mr. Hinckley has written extensively on Route 66 - "America's Most Famous Highway" and his books include Ghost Towns of Route 66, Travel Route 66, The Route 66 Encyclopedia, and The Illustrated Route 66 Historical Atlas. Jim is a fountain of fascinating facts and information and we discuss how and why Route 66 is so endearing and popular, its huge international appeal, and much more. There's also Route 66 road trip ideas, and some other interesting roads, like US 6. At the top: the deaths of comedic giants Jerry Stiller and Fred Willard. 

You can find out about Jim Hinckley's work and books at

How will entertainment - concerts, sports, etc. - and society, evolve due to COVID 19? Live Nation look will test drive-in and virtual concerts. The five-year-old kid that stole his parents car to go and buy a Lamborghini could be a great entrepreneur someday. Who was the Supreme Court justice that flushed? And the deaths of Little Richard and Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy.

Not brought to you by Lysol or any disinfectant. Self-isolation stay-at-home Covid19 coronavirus well-being tips. The top Google searches recently. And a Cool But Obscure Song.

The ever-fun and interesting pop culture writer Darren Paltrowitz returns. We discuss the tragic death of Fountains of Wayne co-founder Adam Schlesinger and his huge body of great music - FOW, That Thing You Do! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and so much more. Its corona virus and self-isolation time and there's lots to watch, read, and listen to: Better Things, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Brockmier, All-Elite Wrestling and Colt Cabana; books on Quentin Tarantino, Van Halen and KISS; new music from the amazing Nada Surf, The Strokes and others. Plus, our last concerts, at least for a little while. And veteran acts we love: David Lee Roth, Zebra, Y&T. Cool apps Watch Worthy, Tune In and Special Guest. And all about Darren's great podcast, Paltrocast, where you can find a ton of interviews with a huge array of people including, Dan Rather, Myles Kennedy, John 5, Adam Carrolla, Ace Frehley, Bruce Kulick, Dennis Quaid, Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees, Chris Jericho, Ted Nugent, Englebert Humperdink and dozens more.

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The first podcast in just about a month! The coronavirus, Covid19 and hanging in there; Tom Brady leaves the New England Patriots, bidet sales increase exponentially, and a few of the best feel-good movies. Plus, books to binge: Bond vs. Bond: The Many Face of 007 Revised and Updated by Paul Simpson and Quentin Tarantino: the iconic filmmaker and his work by Ian Nathan.

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