Two guys in Australia drift two miles out to sea on an air mattresss, a new foster dog named Jessie, and some thoughts on being single...again. Plus, comedian Danny Jolles has his first special, "6 Parts" available for free on You Tube. He's amazing, and so is his special. 

Doug Brod is the author of the fantastic book, They Just Seem A Little Weird: How Cheap Trick, KISS,  Aerosmith, and Starz Remade Rock and Roll. We talk about how he wrote the book, how those bands are all connected, their influence and how they're still relevant today. And that despite a lot of trial and tribulations, they're each still great. At the top: Super Bowl LV, the Tampa Bay Bucaneers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, and Ten Random Super Bowl Facts.

They Just Seem A Little Weird: How Cheap Trick, How KISS, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, and Starz Remade Rock and Roll is informative, fun, and awesome and is available online and in bookstores. For more info and retailers, click here.


Quick reviews: Steve's all-time favorite band of all-time, Cheap Trick just released a rocking song, "Light Up The Fire," and it rocks! "Light Up The Fire" rocks! Plus, new music from Dead Daisies and Smith/Kotzen, a new side-project from Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen. Its all killer!

Why not say "Happy New Year" deeper into January? Guests hosts on Jeopardy! Crocs had a booming 2020, Netflix massive spend for new content and Ben & Jerry's doggie desserts.

The new song by Van Morrison and Eric Clapton, protesting their being asked to help the greater good during a pandemic, is discussed, and Rickie Lee Jones' reaction to their song. Plus, holiday traditions come and go, and a reminder of a previous tradition: Wilford Brimley, via the old Imus in the Morning Show, talking about oatmeal. 

The awesome cat and occasional unwitting podcast guest Pluto passed away; a euology for the best pet, ever. And paying it forward - 900 times! - at a Dairy Queen in Minnesota.

Various distractions and shenanigans...and wouldn't the latter make a great name for a restaurant: a familiar concept is discussed. The biggest distraction: Covid-19 all the time, the five likliest places you get the virus and the overall statistics are staggering. Warner Brothers announces all their 2021 movies will open simultaneously on HBO Max and theatres. Plus, dairy camels in Australia. Yes, dairy camels

The start of another Covid-19 lockdown/shutdown should mean more time for a few things, including new podcast episodes. Quick takes on that viral Tik Tok video of the skateboard guy and the Fleetwood Mac song "Dreams," some shows on Netflix,  including David Letterman's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction and the British crime drama Broadchurch. Plus, A Cool But Obscure Song.

News about new music from AC/DC, Foo Fighters, and Paul McCartney. Plus, Wolfgang Van Halen's solo debut and upcoming Howard Stern interview

The most influential guitarist of a generation, Eddie Van Halen, died October 6, 2020 succumbing to cancer after a long fight. Full details and discussion provided in this episode from The DLR Cast, the podcast by and for fans of David Lee Roth, hosted by Steve and his good friend Darren Paltrowitz. Plus AC/DC drops a new single, "Shot In The Dark," from their forthcoming album Power Up, which comes out November 13.

Darren Paltrowitz is a freelance journalist covering entertainment. He also hosts the cool interview podcast, The Paltrocast, available everywhere.

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