Episode 85: An Uneven Playing Field


Digging into the huge college admissions fraud case: its all an uneven playing field. Seeing Cheap Trick for the fortieth-something time, and the new HBO docu-series The Case Against Adnan Syed.

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Episode 84: Interview with Comedian & Musician Phil Johnson


This week we've got an interview with multi-talented standup comedian and musician Phil Johnson.

Phil and his band Roadside Attraction are based out of the San Jose, CA area and Phil has brought his comedy to clubs nationwide for a decade. We discuss comedy influences, how Phil writes his material and how it continues to evolve, making music, his upcoming comedy special and...his pirate podcast, Under the Crossbones. Yes, a pirate podcast, and its awesome. For more on Phil Johnson including where he's gigging, check out RoadsideAttraction.com and at Facebook.com/PhilJohnsonComedy 

Plus, rockers are retiring and there's a bevy of farewell tours of late. But one band keeps rocking, killing it nightly, with no farewell tour in sight.

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Episode 83: The “WTF” Episode


When it comes to Empire actor Jussy Smollett and billionaire New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, like a lot of news every week, sometimes the first thought is "WTF?" Plus, The Academy Awards, and what's leaving Netflix in March - The Breakfast Club and Ghostbusters, among others!

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Episode 82: A Maelstrom of Distractions


The Super Bowl (sure, two weeks later) was better than you think and nipple parity. Valentine's Day w/o a Valentine, and that's fine. Plus dating app mistakes, an idea for a new TV network, and...a kidnapped monkey!

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Episode 81: KISS & The End of the Road Tour with Guest Tommy Sommers


Super-psyched to be talking about "the hottest band in the world" KISS and their End of the Road Tour with guest Tommy Sommers! Tommy is one of the co-hosts of the coolest podcast about all-things KISS, Three Sides of the Coin and an all-around blast to chat with. We talk about the tour, of course (starts this week!), fans, the staging, setlists, why we still want to see KISS, why they're still doing it, and more. 

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#EndoftheRoad #KISS


Episode 80: Interview with Journalist Bryan Reesman


This week's interview is with pop culture journalist Bryan Reesman. He's contributed to over 100 media outfits including The New York Times, Billboard, E! Online, American Way magazine and dozens of others. And he has written liner notes for albums from AC/DC, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Filter, Toto and many others. In addition, Bryan penned the best-selling 2016 bio Bon Jovi: The Story and he contributed four chapters to the new book Rock Stars at Home.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Bryan takes us through the start of his career, and how he's found a niche and success writing about music, movies, books, live theatre, and even food. We go deep into writing liner notes, music fandom, the changing face of media consumption, his love of electronica, keeping up with so much to watch at Netflix and much more. And what he's looking forward to watch, hear, and read in 2019...whew!

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Episode 79: “Queen: Album By Album” Book Review


QUEEN is seemingly everywhere of late, so why not review an incredible book about their music, QUEEN: ALBUM BY ALBUM by Martin Popoff! Spoiler alert: it's awesome, and a must-get for any Queen fan - its a perfect compliment to the music!

Find more details about this amazing book and where to buy it, here.

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Episode 78: Hello 2019 & Things To Look Forward To


HAPPY NEW YEAR, and hello, 2019! Forget the usual year-end retrospectives, and best-of lists looking back, its better to look forward - to see and do all sorts of things. Plus, the Netflix original movie Birdbox, and the oldest woman in the world might not have been.

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Episode 77: Happy Merry, Happy Merry Holidays


The importance of traditions and the positive distractions of good traditions during the holiday season, especially when things aren't happy and merry. And some deeper messages in holiday TV specials

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Cheap Trick's Christmas album, Christmas Christmas is a blast, not your typical Christmas album, and is available at Amazon.com.

Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays to all.

Episode 76: “The Art of Being Bill” and a Couple of Rants


Ezra Croft, artist and co-author of the super-cool book The Art of Being Bill is a guest. The book is the largest collection of Bill Murray fan art and Ezra tells about the inspiration behind it, the greatness of Murray and how the book all came together. Plus, its National Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day (Tuesday, 12/18), the backlash behind the backlash around "Baby It's Cold Outside." And the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019 class: Def Leppard, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, The Zombies, Roxy Music and Janet Jackson. And why its positively criminal that the great Todd Rundgren wasn't inducted years ago.

You can get The Art of Being Bill at Amazon.com. And how cool is this book cover?

Find out more about #AnswerThePhoneLikeBuddyTheElfDay here. Go to Spotify, YouTube, iTunes or your favorite indie record store to listen to the greatness of Todd Rundgren. 



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