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The Super Bowl (sure, two weeks later) was better than you think and nipple parity. Valentine's Day w/o a Valentine, and that's fine. Plus dating app mistakes, an idea for a new TV network, and...a kidnapped monkey!

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Going overboard without a life raft for an absolutely killer song and the healing power of music; R.I.P., Russ Solomon, founder of Tower Records and a weird and...combustible in-flight story.

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The Weapon of Self-Distraction Podcast finally gets a co-host, Steve's good friend Mel!  

On episode #7 Mel adds a much needed second voice, opinions and more to the various distractions discussed. Such as: Why can't brothers in bands ever get along? Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Colin Farrell; Manchester By The Sea and Casey Affleck a Holiday Hole and a squid in the face.

The Weapon of Self-Distraction podcast isn't brought to you by anyone but Steve & Mel. However, we are open to happily talking about you, your product, or serivce. Just reach out to us

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