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A deep and rambling dive about the new Cheap Trick album of rarities and b-sides, The Epic Archive: 1980-1983. First Ford, now General Motors: GM's layoffs and their essentially ceding the sedan market to European and Asian automakers. And two Netflix series, The Kominsky Method and I'm Sorry

For more about Cheap Trick visit

Jalopnik and Vox have some great insight and details about General Motors' big layoffs and vehicle changes.

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Thanksgiving is around the corner, family and traditions beckon, as does the legendary, now 40-years old (!) WKRP In Cincinnati episode about the holiday. Also 40 years ago: Alice Cooper's From The Inside album came out. And seeing one of the funniest - and bravest - comedians, Gary Gulman. Plus, a new book on the history of Hot Wheels toy cars.


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Here's some more Thanksgiving fun from that WKRP In Cincinnati episode

For more about Gary Gulman and where he's playing visit

A great story about Alice Cooper's From the Inside album is here.

Find Hot Wheels: From 0 to 50 at 1:64 Scale at Amazon.


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The Adoption/ story continues as a Google search leads to an obituary and Facebook friend requests. The passing of a stand-up comedy icon and the new HBO documentary about Andre the Giant.

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A mess o' randomness: Bumble swipes Left on, the Sklar Brothers in Minneapolis, anti-Semitism stupidity, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and a new book about The Clash!


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32 episodes?  Yes!  And now on iTunes!  This week Steve  breaks down IT's epic box office take and discusses the 2017 National Toy Hall of Fame nominees.  And did you know that there's a global sand crisis? Finally, Steve finally just does not give a f**k, and how the to-do list helps with that, including seeing a big rock concert this coming week!


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Steve goes solo for podcast no. 24 plotting a potential birthday trip; distractions include John McEnroe, trying to keep up with a ton of comedy on Netflix, favorite recent podcasts, a #1 single for an all-time favorite band of all-time and the challenge in trying to not do something. 

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Steve flies solo for episode 10, getting distracted by a largely forgotten song by his "all-time favorite band of all-time", Cheap Trick; gives a Super Bowl prediction, and pays attention to the importance of paying attention to dedication and great performances in sports, arts, or wherever. And, GOATS OF ANARCHY! 

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Steve does a solo turn, riffing about New Year's resolutions his goals for 2017; college & pro football, pro wrestler Jimmy Snuka's death and not getting robbed of your Chicken McNuggets

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The Weapon of Self-Distraction Podcast finally gets a co-host, Steve's good friend Mel!  

On episode #7 Mel adds a much needed second voice, opinions and more to the various distractions discussed. Such as: Why can't brothers in bands ever get along? Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Colin Farrell; Manchester By The Sea and Casey Affleck a Holiday Hole and a squid in the face.

The Weapon of Self-Distraction podcast isn't brought to you by anyone but Steve & Mel. However, we are open to happily talking about you, your product, or serivce. Just reach out to us

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Steve talks about Scientology...a new lottery feature...the new movie with lot's of Oscar buzz, "Manchester By The Sea" and the new book about the New Barbarians

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