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The new song by Van Morrison and Eric Clapton, protesting their being asked to help the greater good during a pandemic, is discussed, and Rickie Lee Jones' reaction to their song. Plus, holiday traditions come and go, and a reminder of a previous tradition: Wilford Brimley, via the old Imus in the Morning Show, talking about oatmeal. 

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Episode 133: Goodbye, Pluto

The awesome cat and occasional unwitting podcast guest Pluto passed away; a euology for the best pet, ever. And paying it forward - 900 times! - at a Dairy Queen in Minnesota.

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Various distractions and shenanigans...and wouldn't the latter make a great name for a restaurant: a familiar concept is discussed. The biggest distraction: Covid-19 all the time, the five likliest places you get the virus and the overall statistics are staggering. Warner Brothers announces all their 2021 movies will open simultaneously on HBO Max and theatres. Plus, dairy camels in Australia. Yes, dairy camels

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