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Another road trip? 480 miles round trip to see Steve's all-time favorite band of all time. Plus, Steve has his first Airbnb guest.  And Stranger Things & Mindhunters: is this a true, golden age of television? Finally, the funniest Tinder profile.

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Episode 38: An Epic Road Trip

1,658 miles and 27+ hours in a rental car: Steve and his son take an epic road trip, visiting the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. Plus, breakfast in Rockford, IL! And Steve gets his first Air BnB guest this week. Finally, bumbling on Bumble and other dating sites.


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Episode 37: What Is Power Pop?

Steve takes a deep dive into his favorite genre of music.

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The Harvey Weinstein scandal is infuriating..."Christina P: Mother Inferior": the funniest stand-up special on Netflix right now...where to enter to win some cool new rock books. And a deep dive into the...Long Island Expressway? 

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The growth of streaming music = growth for the music business; comedian Ralphie May dies...Pluto didn't throw up while I was gone this weekend and there's nothing like a McDonald's fountain Diet Coke. 

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More death and darkness and more perspective: the horrific, senseless tragedy in Las Vegas. The recent deaths of Hugh Hefner, Monty Hall, Harry Dean Stanton, and...Tom Petty? And some light and the distractions of enjoyable movies and TV: Kingsman The Golden Circle and Vice Principals.

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