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A solo episode: the new Marc Maron stand-up special on Netflix, post-Mayweather vs. McGregor fight thoughts, shutting down the marathon training, plus new books on Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley.  Visit and Weapon of Self-Distraction on Facebook!

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It's been awhile so Mel and Steve have a lot to riff on: the MN State Fair, who is on what stages? Steve is all-in on online dating and the attendant frustrations...a new Bob Marley book and a contest at and recent movies, the dark awesomeness of Ozark, and R.I.P. Jerry Lewis.

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FINALLY!  Part 2 of our very special Twenty One Pilots Very Special Episode! Mel & Steve continue getting the lowdown from Maddie, Eli and Olivia on all that may or may not be happening with their favorite band. Blurry face, merch, September and more!

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