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Episode 11: Reach Out and Take It

Mel is on vacation so Steve does another solo turn, this time riffing on yet another great Cheap Trick song that was on a soundtrack; reviewing/analyzing a Super Bowl prediction (not the game's outcome) and the Grammies, Metallica and Lady Gaga. And the amazing and adorable Goats of Anarchy! Steve also explains why writing is a cathartic distraction and tells you about "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover."

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Steve flies solo for episode 10, getting distracted by a largely forgotten song by his "all-time favorite band of all-time", Cheap Trick; gives a Super Bowl prediction, and pays attention to the importance of paying attention to dedication and great performances in sports, arts, or wherever. And, GOATS OF ANARCHY! 

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Mel returns for the first time in 2017! Mel & Steve disect new year's goals or lack thereof, realize that several new TV series are more interesting than the Oscars, and the Juggaloes star in Weird News.  

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