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Mel and Steve go overboard without a life-raft waxing enthusiastically and nostalgically about their favorite holiday songs of the (mostly) rock variety.  Father Christmas, give us your money, we'll beat you up and steal all your toys while we Step Into Chrismas and say "Feliz Navidad" and donde esta, "Santa Cleese with no shoes on his feet..."

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The Weapon of Self-Distraction Podcast finally gets a co-host, Steve's good friend Mel!  

On episode #7 Mel adds a much needed second voice, opinions and more to the various distractions discussed. Such as: Why can't brothers in bands ever get along? Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Colin Farrell; Manchester By The Sea and Casey Affleck a Holiday Hole and a squid in the face.

The Weapon of Self-Distraction podcast isn't brought to you by anyone but Steve & Mel. However, we are open to happily talking about you, your product, or serivce. Just reach out to us

Visit us at for still more distractions

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Steve talks about Scientology...a new lottery feature...the new movie with lot's of Oscar buzz, "Manchester By The Sea" and the new book about the New Barbarians

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