Episode 36: A Harvey Weinstein Rant


The Harvey Weinstein scandal is infuriating..."Christina P: Mother Inferior": the funniest stand-up special on Netflix right now...where to enter to win some cool new rock books. And a deep dive into the...Long Island Expressway?

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Episode 35: Pluto Didn’t Throw Up!


The growth of streaming music = growth for the music business; comedian Ralphie May dies...Pluto didn't throw up while I was gone this weekend and there's nothing like a McDonald's fountain Diet Coke. 

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Episode 34: More Deaths, More Perspective


More death and darkness and more perspective: the horrific, senseless tragedy in Las Vegas. The recent deaths of Hugh Hefner, Monty Hall, Harry Dean Stanton, and...Tom Petty? And some light and the distractions of enjoyable movies and TV: Kingsman The Golden Circle and Vice Principals.


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Episode 33: A Death Brings Perspective


The unexpected, sudden death of a neighbor and the laser-bright perspective that brings. Some recent rock n' roll, Steve's all-time favorite band of all-time has a Christmas album coming out, and a favorite website, The Grommet.

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Episode 32: IT’s Box Office, Toys, Sand, and a To-Do List


32 episodes?  Yes!  And now on iTunes!  This week Steve  breaks down IT's epic box office take and discusses the 2017 National Toy Hall of Fame nominees.  And did you know that there's a global sand crisis? Finally, Steve finally just does not give a f**k, and how the to-do list helps with that, including seeing a big rock concert this coming week!



Episode 31: The Big Five-Oh


A solo episode from Portsmouth, NH, Steve pontificates on turning 50, being happy, online dating and 9/11. And being on iTunes, finally!  


Episode 30: Labor Day Redux (Now the 1st Day of School Episode)


Steve rolls solo bantering and babbling about the end of summer, the Hollywood Squares, things not done, and...tupperware. PLUS, a special guest with a report on the first day of school, and a movie review. And, details on a unique screening of the movie IT, and other assorted bits o' nothing.


Episode 29: Meanderings & More


A solo episode: the new Marc Maron stand-up special on Netflix, post-Mayweather vs. McGregor fight thoughts, shutting down the marathon training, plus new books on Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley.  Visit www.weaponofselfdistraction.com and Weapon of Self-Distraction on Facebook!


Episode 28: The Big Riff-O-Rama Show


It's been awhile so Mel and Steve have a lot to riff on: the MN State Fair, who is on what stages? Steve is all-in on online dating and the attendant frustrations...a new Bob Marley book and a contest at AllMusicBooks.com...new and recent movies, the dark awesomeness of Ozark, and R.I.P. Jerry Lewis.


No. 27 - Part 2 of the Very Special Twenty One Pilots Very Special Episode!


FINALLY!  Part 2 of our very special Twenty One Pilots Very Special Episode! Mel & Steve continue getting the lowdown from Maddie, Eli and Olivia on all that may or may not be happening with their favorite band. Blurry face, merch, September and more!


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