Episode 46: “Slap Shot” - A Deep Dive with Dennis


It's definitely the best movie about hockey ever made, and possibly the best sports comedy, period: Steve and his guest, editor, music journalist and all-around great guy Dennis take a deep dive into the 1977 movie Slapshot. 

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Episode 45: Darwin Holmstrom, author of “The Life: Harley Davidson”


A special guest: Darwin Holmstrom, author of the new book The Life: Harley Davidson. We discuss the book, the impact of Harley Davidson on popular culture and much more. For more information on the book, click here.


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Episode 44: Live Free Or…No Dancing?


An apology for quality & distraction control issues and a call for a co-host! Footloose in 2017: no dancing at The Goat in Portsmouth, NH. Plus Three Billboards in Ebbing, MO and for f**k's sake, enough with dumb men doing dumb things to women!

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Episode 43: The Battle Begins!


The Battle vs. The Holiday Blues Begins! Post-Steve's favorite holiday, the fight has begun, fought by staying present, holiday music (including the new Cheap Trick album ,of holiday tunes, Christmas Christmas), playing air guitar and more. Plus, Lucky gets adopted! And the movie Ladybird sets a record!

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Episode 42: Pre-Thanksgiving Holiday Special


R.I.P. Malcolm Young, founding member of AC/DC. Thanksgiving and the start of the annual battle vs. the holiday blues and six months alone and doing fine. Plus, a new book about AC/DC, the new Netflix series, The Punisher, the new movie Ladybird, and as god is my witness I thought turkeys could fly.





Episode 41: Steve Gets Lucky (a foster dog)!


It's been a long while, but Steve got Lucky this week - a terrier mix from the great folks at Safe Hands Rescue. All about fostering Lucky and a review of Daddy's Home 2 with a special guest. Plus, the story of a used Honda Accord getting astronomical bids on eBay. 





Episode 40: The World Series & Working Out Weirdness


Thoughts and facts about the World Series...despite missing the entire series! Plus, people do wackadoodle s**t in gyms. Finally, some favorite recent podcasts and the weight of time passing.


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Episode 39: Another Road Trip & More Netflix, Less Time


Another road trip? 480 miles round trip to see Steve's all-time favorite band of all time. Plus, Steve has his first Airbnb guest.  And Stranger Things & Mindhunters: is this a true, golden age of television? Finally, the funniest Tinder profile. 


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Episode 38: An Epic Road Trip


1,658 miles and 27+ hours in a rental car: Steve and his son take an epic road trip, visiting the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. Plus, breakfast in Rockford, IL! And Steve gets his first Air BnB guest this week. Finally, bumbling on Bumble and other dating sites.




Episode 37: What Is Power Pop?


Steve takes a deep dive into his favorite genre of music. 


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