No. 26 - Part 1 of our Very Special 21 PILOTS EPISODE


Mel & Steve welcome Maddie, Olivia and Eli, three of the biggest 21 PILOTS fans around! In Part 1 of this "Very Special Episode," this trio of super fans - proud members of the skeleton clique - discuss their favorite band and their music and what the near future may hold. Will Blurry Face make an appearance? What does it all mean?  

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Mini Motivational Episode


A mini-episode featuring some timely advice from a best friend and a reminder via that change is unstoppable


Episode 25: Mid-Summer Movies - Meh!


Steve and Mel dissect the summer movies and how many of them suck...except for a select few, including, Baby Driver. Plus, Johnny Depp is broke - will he go the Nicholas Cage route? And, Steven Seagal's new movie...with Mike Tyson?  


Episode 24: Meandering Insomnia Special


Steve goes solo for podcast no. 24 plotting a potential birthday trip; distractions include John McEnroe, trying to keep up with a ton of comedy on Netflix, favorite recent podcasts, a #1 single for an all-time favorite band of all-time and the challenge in trying to not do something. 


Episode 23: A Deep Dive Into the New Cheap Trick Album


Steve flies solo, going deep into the new Cheap Trick album, We're All Alright


Episode 22: An Inside Look at Concert Promotion


Mel & Steve are psyched to welcome a special guest, Gene from Minneapolis concert promoters Rose Presents. Gene gives the lowdown on what concert promoters do, how and why bands get booked and much more.  


Episode 21: Mel Returns and More


Mel is back! The usual distractions abound: Steve goes overboard without a life raft over the new Cheap Trick album; plus renewed and cancelled TV shows, feeling "meh" about the summer movies, and news that french fries killed over 200 people!  And, a new outro song!


Episode 20: A Week Late!


A bit delayed thanks to now-resolved technical difficulties!  The new Alice Cooper single, cancelled TV shows, another riff on online dating and some weird news.


Episode 19: Back At It Again…


Episode 19 - back at the podcast again, back at online dating, too. Riffing on that, new movies, TV and the new Cheap Trick single "Long Time Coming."  


Episode 18: What’s Your Final Destination?


Steve goes solo with some ramblings about feeling "meh!", favorite podcast episodes and some movie stuff.


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