Episode 64: Anything and Everything


The tragic death of a close friend. Box office numbers and more about straws.


Episode 63: A Club I Want to Join/Membership Has It’s Privileges


Back after a few weeks as its summer! Boycotting straws: did you know Americans use 500 million straws every day?!? Plus, those little roly-poly pill bugs do more than you think (and they're not really bugs)! Incredibles 2 is awesome...break-ups are easy/easier...and a club I really want to join.


Episode 62: “Was There A Connection?” and a Top 10+ List with Special Guest Brad


Exploring if there was a "connection" when Steve met his biological father. Plus friend of the podcast Brad makes a guest appearance with the Top 10+ Sayings/Phrases Nothing Good Ever Comes From!


Episode 61: The Latest Chapter in the Adoption/Ancestry.com Saga


What its like to meet your biological father for the first time. A new Cheap Trick single, "The Summer Looks Good On You" and a movie about SCTV - directed by Martin Scorsese!


Episode 60: Online Dating Photo Fails with a Special Guest


A special, hopefully regular guest: Steve's pal Brad, direct from Nashville, TN! Riffing on why Nashville is more than just a country music town and online dating profile photo fails. Plus, wondering what it would be like if Paul Stanley from KISS worked in your office. 

#podcasts #nashville #music #kiss #paulstanley #genesimmons



Episode 59: Special Guest Greg Prato, author of “THE YACHT ROCK BOOK”


This week the podcast welcomes a special guest, author/journalist Greg Prato discussing his new book, The Yacht Rock Book: The Oral History of the Soft, Smooth Sounds of the 70s and 80s. For more about the book, click here. Find out about Greg's books, including his newest book on Pearl Jam at Twitter, @gregpratowriter

Podcasts and more, here:  www.weaponofselfdistraction.com 



Episode 58: The Second Annual RECORD STORE DAY Preview!


Its the second annual Record Store Day preview episode, recorded at The Electric Fetus in Minneapolis, MN. We talk about the genesis of National Record Store Day -  now in it's 11th year - record retail, and preview several of the exclusive new releases that will be available on National Record Store Day, which is Saturday, April 21! 

www.weaponofselfdistraction.com  www.electricfetus.com  www.recordstoreday.com



Episode 57: A New Chapter in the Adoption Story


The Adoption/Ancestry.com story continues as a Google search leads to an obituary and Facebook friend requests. The passing of a stand-up comedy icon and the new HBO documentary about Andre the Giant.



Episode 56: Making Sunday Nights Not Suck


The retirement of a radio icon, an Ancestry.com/adoption story update, why Sunday nights suck, and all about the incredibly insightful documentary, The Zen Diairies of Garry Shandling. Plus, a book giveaway! 

#podcast weaponofselfdistraction.com



Episode 55: Random Saturday Night Randomness


A mess o' randomness: Bumble swipes Left on Match.com, the Sklar Brothers in Minneapolis, anti-Semitism stupidity, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and a new book about The Clash!





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