Episode 97: Miscellaneous, Random Odds n’ Ends & An Obscure Song


The new Chevrolet Corvette makes it's debut on July 18, the Bagel Boss is loose on Long Island and an Area 51 meetup! Plus, the David Bowie Barbie doll and a new feature, an obscure but awesome song.

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Episode 96: Surviving & Thriving


Friend of the Podcast Barrie returns and we discuss how to survive - and possibly thrive? - the often mind-numbing online dating process. Things to do, first date ideas, what to watch out for, and more. Plus, quitting Diet Coke/Coke Zero, at least for a month. And, all about Kima, the awesome pitbull. 

Episode 95: A Weird Air BnB Story


A weird Air BnB story and happy birthdays to Sir Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson.


Episode 94: More Friday Night Fun


More semi-coherent thoughts for a Friday night. Classic rock radio reminiscing, the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, one last thing about Game of Thrones, and a new Cheap Trick song, a cover of Harry Nillson's "Ambush."

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Episode 93: So Long, Game of Thrones & Feeling Included


A $2,000 Uber ride - to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Plus, the end of Game of Thrones, why being included feels so good, and a review of The Winery Dogs concert in Minneapolis.

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Episode 92: Interview with Freelance Journalist Darren Paltrowitz


Darren Paltrowitz is a NYC-based freelance music and entertainment journalist, author and podcaster. who's work has appeared in the New York Daily NewsChicago TribuneL.A. TimesInquisitrThe Daily MealThe Hype MagazineAll Music GuideGuitar WorldTheStreet.comBusiness Week and dozens of other outlets. We talk about his excellent new book, Good Advice From Professional Wrestling: Full Contact Life Lessons (Leadership Every Day) written with D.X. Ferris, which is filled with insightful and motivational information and quotes from some of the biggest and most influential athletes in pro wrestling. We also get into wrestling's influence on rock artists. Darren also has a terrific podcast, Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz featuring exclusive interviews with top entertainers, entrepreneurs and other influencers including Adam Carolla, Dionne Warwick, Diamond Dallas Page, Eddie Trunk, Kaley Cuoco, Adam Duritz, John5 and many others.

For more information on Darren, his writing, and his podcast, visit Paltrowitz.com. His new book is available at Amazon.com and other retailers.

Episode 91: Rachel from the We Are Weezer Podcast


This week Rachel from the We Are Weezer Podcast visits and we talk about...Weezer, of course! We dive into the band's enduring popularity, their big 2019 with the "Teal" and "Black" albums, and the We Are Weezer Podcast - the longest-running podcast about Weezer. Plus, trying to stop saying "You know..." and "ummm," and some rambling thoughts on the new HBO documentary Chernobyl. 

The We Are Weezer Podcast is available everywhere you get podcasts including WeAreWeezer.com and you can follow Rachel and the podcast at Facebook and Instagram.

Find out more about Chernobyl at HBO.com

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Episode 90: Interview with Kyle Grappone, Youth Educational/Motivational Speaker


Kyle Grappone is a youth educational and motivational speaker, guiding, mentoring and educating high school and college students. His goal is to motivate students to think differently, prepare for their future and answer the question "what type of person do I want to be"? We talk about how he got started, challenging young adults to think differently, getting ready for college and careers, his keynote speeches, and much more. In addition, we discuss Kyle's new book To The Next Step: Your Guide from High School and College to the Real World. 

Find out more about Kyle and to order his book visit www.kylegrappone.com and at Instagram, @KyleGSpeaks 

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Episode 89: The Latest in Men’s Fashion


We welcome once again Friend of the Podcast Barrie! Barrie is a Personal Stylist specializing in men's fashion. What's in? What's out? What about pants if your backside is just a straight line from the shoulder to the heels? Barrie's got answers to those questions and much more. Plus, the new book King's X: The Oral History by Greg Prato. 

Find Barrie and cool men's clothes on Instagram @BarrieYellen and see her Look of the Day, every day.

King's X: The Oral History is available wherever you buy your books as well as direct from the publisher at QuartoKnows.com

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Episode 88: A Record Store Day Preview!


It's the third annual Record Store Day preview episode! Recorded at the super-cool and legendary record store The Electric Fetus, we get details on some of the biggest exclusive releases, from the likes of Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Jeff Buckley, Queen, The Police and much more (including, of course, Cheap Trick). We also talk about the genesis of Record Store Day, now in it's twelfth and biggest year. Plus, the new book Keep Music Evil: The Brian Jonestown Massacre Story, which comes out April 16th

Record Store Day is Saturday, April 13, 2019. Find your favorite independent record store and the huge list of exclusive music at www.recordstoreday.com and be sure to check out www.electricfetus.com for more info and events.

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